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Gästehaus Müller
Land Motorsport


Nordschleife Scheid-BMW Opel Manta


Events & Attractions

Visit over 100 races and 200 other events at the world famous racetrack the "Nürburgring"

Experience the "Nordschleife" the most beautiful, longest, most challenging, and most travelled racecourse in the world on your own car or motorcycle

Driver training and Racing school

Taxi journey through the “Green Hell”

Drifting taxi

Off-road experience

Helicopter sightseeing flights

Gästehaus Ute Müller, Hauptstr. 39 A, D-53518 Wimbach
Fon. +49 (0) 26 91 74 85, Fax. +49 (0) 26 91 74 14, Mobil. +49(0)170 74 88 256