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Gästehaus Müller


Apartment Nuerburg
Gartenansicht Breakfast Herbstbild

Dear guests, let yourself be pampered at our guesthouse!

You live in comfortable and very loving furnished rooms. All rooms have a view of the countryside with wooded surroundings.

The bathrooms are equipped with towels, bath towels and hair dryer. Apartment "Premium" has a tasteful fitted kitchen with all the luxury equipment. Apartment "Deluxe" has a kitchenette with refrigerator, sink and 2 hotplates.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay in our guest house.

Gästehaus Ute Müller, Hauptstr. 39 A, D-53518 Wimbach
Fon. +49 (0) 26 91 74 85, Fax. +49 (0) 26 91 74 14, Mobil. +49(0)170 74 88 256